Sunday, August 25, 2013

Howe Lake Trail, Glacier National Park

Looking for a relatively short and easy hike, that might have fewer crowds, in Glacier National Park, we came upon the Howe Lake Trail.   Just a few miles down a gravel road near the West entrance to Glacier, the trail is only 2 miles to the lake with just 240 feet of elevation gain.

This trail meanders through forest burned in the devastating 2003 fire. Lots of burnt conifer skeletons still stand and thousands of saplings up to about 10 feet tall are growing. The lake was formed by beaver dam many years ago and the beaver lodge is still visible. Keyna and Mike joined us on this smoke hazed day.

Keyna walking through the 10 year post fire growth.

Downy Woodpecker?

Lower Howe Lake looking moody under a smoke hazy sky.

Old beaver lodge.

After this easy hike it was time for a big view, long hike right in the center of Glacier National Park...stay tuned!


  1. Boy was it hazy from the smoke. But it does give a different perspective.

    Some days a short simple hike for just beauty is in the cards. Can't wait for the long hike post!!

  2. Wow, all your hikes are on our list!