Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let the Metamorphosis Begin!

Well, it's been over a year since I've posted. After deciding not to market the house last spring, I needed to back away from constantly thinking about early retirement. I didn't actually succeed in blocking those thoughts, but it helped not to to have to write about my yearning!

Another year of saving under our belts, some recovery in the housing market, fuel prices have stabilized somewhat, various projects have been completed around the house making it as ready for marketing as it can we have decided to list it come June. The agents we have spoken with sound optimistic that we can get the price we want because it's not often that a house this size comes on the market in our neighborhood.

Sooooo, right now we are full of positive energy, slightly reined in excitement, with a dose of nerves thrown in for balance! And the purging of possessions has regained momentum...Even though we've been purging bits and pieces for two years, there is still a TON OF STUFF to get rid of!

In a couple of weeks we will go to Oregon to visit my daughter and son-in-law and see their new house. During that trip we'll tour some Arctic Fox 5th wheels and probably drive a couple of brands of diesel trucks. We'll open an Oregon bank account to start the process towards residency. We've decided to make Oregon our domicile because my daughter has agreed to be our mail forwarding service and their home will be a regular landing point for us.

We still love the NuWa 345 LK WTB 5th wheel, but haven't decided if it is fully worth the additional cost for the premium brand (about $20k more). So we'll check out the Arctic Fox which is known for good quality, four season, rving at a lower price point.

Let the fun begin!!!!