Sunday, June 24, 2012

Purging is Liberating

There's nothing like getting rid of virtually all of your possessions to make you feel free!

We're just about 2 weeks into a 30 day escrow and we've already sold at least 75% of the stuff that needs to go. And the best part is that most of the big stuff is going to our friends who are fine with taking it once we no longer need it. This takes a big load off our shoulders and makes it all not seem so overwhelming.

We'll have one last garage sale after escrow closes then any remaining goodies will be donated.

Serendipity has been showing up left and right. This feels good and right and we are ready for change. This is the purge phase, next is transition out of work, to be followed by exploration!

So happy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Metamorphosis has Begun!

We are in escrow!!!!!!! Such sweet words! The house sold after only 7 days on the market! We've still got to get through the inspection and appraisal, etc. but we are optimistic. With a 30-day escrow and 21-day rent back, allowing us to give notice at our jobs once escrow has closed (don't want to put the cart before that horse), we have to be out of the house on August 2nd.

Boy do we have a lot of stuff to get rid of! Despite regular purging over the past 2 years we still have all the accoutrements of daily living and working. Luckily there is a community garage sale coming up in 2 weeks so we should be able to unload a bunch and make a bit of money to boot.

It's going to be a frenzy of activity for the next few weeks!

We went to Oregon over the Memorial Day week and believe we have decided what 5th wheel we'll end up with...the Arctic Fox 29-5K:

It's a good $25k less than our previous first choice but still a well rated, quality built, rugged unit that will suit our lifestyle perfectly.

Here we go....!