Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hiking the Santa Rosa Plateau

Last summer we hiked the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Preserve and knew we had to see it again in the spring. This past weekend we were able to hike the Plateau again and were not disappointed. Especially after a rainy winter, this Preserve is a special place.

Rolling green hills, stands of huge old oak trees, cool, shady glens, masses of flowers, and the biggest vernal pool I've ever seen are just a few of the delights to see here.

Here is the map we picked up at the trailhead with our hike highlighted in yellow. We hiked about 7 miles and there are many other trails to choose from so you can make this hike as long or short as you want.

Located a few miles West of Murietta, CA on Clinton Keith Road, Santa Rosa Plateau is just one hour North of San Diego.


  1. Sounds beautiful! Does Blogger allow you to post pictures along with your entries? That would be sweet!

  2. Yes, I do plan on posting pictures but I don't have them with me right now! I'll have to plan better when postingin the future!