Saturday, February 5, 2011

Big Island - Day 2

Started the day out by snorkeling at Kahalu'u Beach Park. Swam with turtles and saw so many varieties of fish! I wonder if one could ever get tired of seeing the incredible variety of sea life and landscapes and colors under water?

Next we headed North hoping to find a good swimming beach. Stopped at the Old Airport park to eat and hike to a potential snorkeling spot. Turns out the lava was too crazy for the shoes we were wearing to make it to the snorkeling spot. Flip flops aren't the best shoes for lava walking!

Then we headed north in search of Kekaha Kai State park. Traveling North of the current airport, we turned off onto a road that was paved at one time. Now it is a roller coaster of bumpy lava...luckily we have a jeep, because this road wanted to jiggle the teeth out of your head! We couldn't believe some people had taken regular cars out there!

The beach was worth the jolting though...a postcard perfect beach, with thick white sand, shade trees, palm trees. lava in the distance and turtles! But not so great for swimming.

More exploring tomorrow...!

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