Monday, May 13, 2013

Rosie's 15 Minutes of Fame

A few weeks ago while walking in Truth or Consequences, NM we happened upon a uniquely wrapped RV and just had to know their story. Amy and Rod Burkert run the website It's all about helping you travel with your pet...where to stay, play, eat, and any other service you might need for your pets comfort and health. They even have a nifty trip planning tool to locate the services you want along your route.

Since they travel with two dogs, Amy suggested I write a guest post about RVing with a cat. You can read that post here. Take some time to check out the rest of the site too. There's lots of good info for folks who like to get out there with their pets. You might even find out things you didn't know about your own home town!

Rosie says "This is the good life!"


  1. Good article. Rosie is definitely a star now!
    We drove for a good ways down Saddleback Canyon Rd (Jim says definitely more than 1.5 miles) but the road just seemed to go on forever. Guess we will try it again and go farther next time. We want to go back there, anyway, so that's a good excuse.

  2. I see a regular column in Lisa's future :) Great article, tho, a lot of people will use your experience, and take the pets along on the road from now on. I'm a cat person...they are more maintenance free :)
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. Great photo of Rosie. I also checked out Jeff Ness's house. Wow!! Wouldn't that be a nice place to live:) Love seeing all your pictures and following your adventures. Thanks for the call on Mother's Day!!

  4. Excellent article, Lisa! I am sure it will be very helpful to those with cats.

  5. What a lovely cat you have. The bungie leash is really smart.

  6. Congratulations on the guest blog. You wrote a very helpful article. Good job.

  7. Hi Lisa! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks so much for writing the post for Take Paws. Rosie is the perfect little model and your ideas will help a lot of people, I'm sure. Rod and I are looking forward to seeing you and Hans again down the road. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share what works for us and Rosie! Glad you finally made it to Durango!