Monday, October 14, 2013

A Day Among Giants and Our Old Friend the Ocean

Highway 199, known as the Redwood Highway in Oregon and the Smith River Scenic Byway in California, makes a great day trip from Grants Pass, OR. Yesterday we took it, crossing the coastal range into California and stopping to walk among the giant redwoods of Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Then we continued on, North on highway 101, back into Oregon and the beach town of Brookings where we had an excellent lunch at Vista Pub and took in the Pacific ocean for the first time since leaving San Diego last January.

Here's a look at our day walking among the giant redwoods and enjoying the coast for a few hours.

Morning sunlight seeps into the Simpson-Reed grove.

Fallen giant sprouting new life.

Tree love!

Alien fungus!

Delicious lunch at Vista Pub:
incredible bacon-wrapped albacore skewer, albacore sandwich w/crispy onion rings.

Along the shore at Harris Beach State Park.

Reconnecting with the immensity of the ocean.

Maidenhair ferns along the Myrtle Creek Botanical Trail.

Pitcher plants.

Seen at the incredible "It's a Burl" gallery in Kerbyville, OR.


  1. Just beautiful! It looks so green and lush there.

  2. Your photos are delightful. The alien fungi looked like pastry or cookie with chocolate frosting on top.

    And I love the wood carving in your last photo!

  3. Hey, looks like we crossed paths!! Exactly the same spots we visited just a few weeks ago. Gather you guys ate headed to San Diego this winter again. We plan to be in Mission Bay so we'll see ya there.

    1. Yes indeed, we arrive at Santee Lakes on Nov 23rd for a month then to Mission Bay for a month. I sure love the redwoods and the ocean!

  4. Ewe that fungi sure looks alien, and that white mushroom/fungus looks fascinating. I have not seen one like that here in our hikes.
    Love that capture of the spider web!

  5. Forget the ocean, I want some of that food and ale from the Vista Pub !!!
    Box Canyon Mark

  6. Gee, I am not sure which photo I like the best. You really did a great job with the unique shots. I really like the "Giant sprouting new life." That is just beautiful:) That spider web is great. It is so clear. Lisa, you almost disappeared hugging that Giant!

    Ahh, the Pacific Ocean:) We really need to do some of the northern coast with the MH. I love the huge rocks sitting along the shore. Your photos are so clear:)

  7. You're making me miss the ocean! The walk through the redwoods looks wonderful and I especially love the picture of Lisa giving the tree some love. What a great area to explore.