Sunday, April 20, 2014

Campground Review: Point of Rocks RV Campground, Prescott, AZ

Point of Rocks RV Campground is a wonderful private RV park snugged up against the rocks of the Granite Dells at the North end of Prescott, AZ.

It's rustic; roads and sites are gravel/dirt. There are 96 full hookup sites; many are very private and some back right up to the giant granite boulders. Each site has a picnic table. Electrical is only 30amp. Amenities include restrooms/showers and a laundry room (very inexpensive). There is no wifi (unless you are close to the office) so you better bring your own. We had an adequate Verizon signal with our booster.

Even though there is a little noise from county highway 89 during the day, it is very quiet at night. We thought the only small negative about this park was the dust from the gravel roads...which you get at any graveled park.

The best part, in our opinion, were the access to the giant boulders for views and exploring, plus the trails directly to beautiful Watson Lake, just a few hundred feet from our site.

Walking the campground we could see that many people had decided to stay here long term. Frankly, if I wanted to live in an RV park in this part of the country, this would be an excellent place to do it. You're settled into a relaxed place of quiet, natural beauty with quick, easy access to all the services and recreation Prescott offers (Trader Joes! Target! Costco! Small lakes! Cool forest!).

Here's a little something we wish we'd known before we left Cottonwood (and paid a lot more): Costco in Prescott now sells diesel fuel. They are one of three Costco's in the country trying this out. AND, they sell propane. Both at good prices of course. In general, propane was less expensive here than in Cottonwood by at least 50 cents per gallon.

We had site 67, extremely private! We could barely see our one neighbor through the bushes on the left.
That's a storage shed behind our truck; it was empty so probably left behind from a previous long term resident.

Behind the storage shed we had a private patio!

This small site backed right up to giant granite boulders.
I thought site 66 was very good. Long, private, easy access to the field of boulders.

Rosie loved chasing lizards in the rocks!

An evening view into the campground from the rocks.
You can see how the perimeter sites have access to the rocks.
Granite Mountain is in the distance.

Gorgeous Watson Lake is right behind the RV park and accessible by a short trail.

During our last couple of days in Prescott we met up with old and new friends. Kathryn, Hans' former coworker, was visiting from San Diego, her family lives in Prescott. Chris is a fellow Surf Guitar 101 member who lives in the area, and he and Hans hooked up through their forum.

Hiking meetup with Kathryn on the Watson Lake rocks!

Beer meetup with fellow rocker, Chris, at the Palace Saloon.


  1. Watson Lake would certainly draw me to Point of's beautiful!

  2. Well, someone didn't even let your spot get cold! Sites 66 and 67 were already taken! But I got #61...not as private, but very nice and shady with a phenomenal view if the rocks out my back window.

    I can't believe I missed you guys by only a half-day, but thanks again so much for the recommendation. Otherwise, I would have been baking down in Lake Havasu. aaaahhh,,,the temp is perfect here!

    1. Gotta love those rocks! Make your way to the tops of the rocks right from your site and enjoy the views! Enjoy the cooler temps and pretty Prescott...we really liked it there. I know we will be back some day.

  3. I really gotta get to this place! Your pics are totally awesome.

  4. We have Prescott on our list for next Fall and this looks exactly like the kind of place we want to stay! Thanks for the great review and lovely pics. Safe travels.

  5. We visited Watson Lake and ate at the Palace Saloon last year and really enjoyed ourselves. We did not know about this nifty little campground. Thanks so much for sharing....we may have to book a stay next season :-) Watson Lake is indeed beautiful.....we loved it.