Monday, February 16, 2015

Campground Review: Pecan Valley RV Park, Junction, TX

Pecan Valley RV Park, just outside of Junction, TX, was a one night stop for us. This small park with only 12 full hookup sites sits at the back of a pecan orchard with several very large old pecan trees scattered among the sites. The North Llano River runs along the other side of the RV sites. A quarter mile beyond the river is Interstate 10, which you can see and hear just a little.

This is a beautiful, peaceful park. Dozens of deer come to feed from dusk to dawn. During our visit in mid February there were still a few pecans falling from the old trees among the sites free for harvesting off the ground. The only negative for us was a complete lack of Verizon signal...but it was easy to live without that for one night! We were told there is AT&T signal but cannot verify that. All sites are $25 per night.

The RV sites are clustered at the end of a large meadow.
The river runs behind the big oak tree on the left.
That's our 5th wheel in  a pull through site in the center.

To enter the park you drive down this long driveway past the pecan orchard.

Check out the size of this tree!

There are two deer feeding stations on the property, ensuring evening entertainment.

The North Llano River.

Pecans I picked off the ground near our site.

Just a few of the deer hanging around in the evening.


  1. What fun to camp in a pecan grove. Do you have a pie in the future?? Not sure that's enough nuts but perhaps you'll get more tomorrow IF those deer handing around by the herd leave you any.

  2. I grew up in Georgia with several pecan trees in our yard...guess whose job it was to harvest the pecans. We would take all the bags to the farmers market to be cracked and all pecans had to be shelled with bitters picked out and in the freezer by November for holiday baking goodies! Thanks for reminding me of such nice memories!

    That is one giant of a tree...

    I love over night stops like that one.

  3. What a nice little park with great wildlife! How cool! Glad you were able to get some pecans:)

  4. Love these "along the way" parks - and the pecans and river are a real treat! I didn't realize the trees got that tall. It's a beauty (Hans too of course).

  5. Looks like a park we'll have to check out, especially if there are pecans around!!