Friday, July 31, 2015

Hiking the Bighorn Mountains: Seven Brothers Lakes

Continuing our month in Buffalo, WY we took another big hike in the Bighorn Mountain Range, this time to Seven Brothers Lakes. There are a couple of ways to reach this group of seven lakes, the most common being a 11.2 mile round trip. Another option cuts the hike down to about 6.5 miles but the road to the trailhead is very rough. We ended up doing the longer hike because we didn't want to take our only vehicle over the crazy rough road to save our legs a few miles, a Jeep would have no problem reaching the shorter trailhead.

The trail crosses a very long meadow then gradually climbs through a young lodgepole pine forest, recovering from the massive Lost Fire in 1988. The climb through the forest seems to go on forever with several false summits. Finally we reached the first of seven stunning subalpine lakes, and the views just kept coming as we continued on discovering each lake in the string. Though the trail is long and somewhat arduous, the payoff is worth it!

The beginning of the trail.
We must traverse the entire length of this long meadow.

Marmots were the critter of the day!

Flowers were plentiful.

Once we reached the end of the meadow the trail began to climb the foothills...becoming very rocky.
The lodgepole forest is young, coming back after the devastating Lost Fire of 1988,
it felt like we were climbing through a Christmas tree farm!

Reaching the lakes area was a wonderful relief!
The trail finally leveled out and the views were fantastic!

Check out the sheer walls of the 11,000+ foot peaks behind us.

Clouds were building, creating postcard-like views.

The marmots in these parts are huge!

And back through the meadow to the truck...another lovely day on the trail!

For more information on trail location and hike details do a search using keywords: Seven Brothers Lakes Hike and you'll get a link from the Cloud Peak Wilderness hiking book. This information is fairly old (1999) but will get you to the trail. You could also buy the book!


  1. What a reward! The lakes are beautiful...clouds do add so much to pictures, don't they? I like the photo of the Indian Paintbrush with the dead tree and rocks too...very artsy Lisa.

    It's been a very long time since we have done an 11 mile hike. Great workout you two!

  2. Beautiful! And the weather looks ideal.

  3. What a beautiful hike. We visited the Bighorn Mountains in 2012, and I so wished for more hiking time. Just incredibly beautiful mountains. Thanks for the photos.

  4. Wow! What a great hike! Love those poofy clouds.

  5. I just love the marmot! They are just so cute:) That is a beautiful photo of the wildflowers with tree trunk:) Yes, the clouds did create gorgoeus postcards for you. Great day on the trail!

  6. Superb! Now your talking my language :)
    Box Canyon Mark

  7. Looks like another hike I need to be bookmarking. Great photos!

  8. I love hikes that lead to alpine lakes -- and seven lakes is even better! The marmot are so cute -- I often hear them whistling to each other before I see them. Beautiful captures of your day on the trail.

  9. We have not done an 11 hike! But you probably did not feel it as you are surrounded with postcard perfect scenery.

  10. Those marmots must be well fed. Really beautiful pictures Lisa. 7 lakes all with different looks and views must have been wonderful. I haven't done that many miles on one hike in a long time. I'm very impressed with you two. I assume it's an out and back since you did the meadow twice.