Thursday, July 21, 2016

We're Back On the Road!

After eight months in San Diego it feels so good to be mobile once again! We blasted north through the heat of central California in three long (5 hour) back to back travel days.

That's us on the right and my dad on the left.
When the sun goes low enough to give us shade it's still 100 degrees in Bakersfield.

My dad has joined us for the first couple of weeks of travel. The first night in Bakersfield we were happy to jump in the pool at the no frills, highway adjacent RV park; to rinse off the long day of bumpy secondary highway and 106 degrees upon arrival.

Another five hour travel day got us to Lodi, CA, and another simple but clean RV park a little further off the freeway with another wonderful pool, and slightly cooler temps...only in the 90's. Traveling through central California in the summer can be rough!

Finally we get into the mountains...Mt Shasta is stunning upon our arrival to our next destination!

A third five hour day got us to Weed, CA where we stayed two nights because we're finally into pleasant temps and gorgeous country. Friendly RV Park is just that, with views of Mt Shasta too!

We got a couple of the prettiest sites at Friendly RV Park in Weed, CA.
Decent site separation and Mt Shasta views out the back of the park.

While Rosie slept off the trauma of multiple long driving days the three of us enjoyed exploring the area around Weed and Mt Shasta City. We've stayed in Weed before briefly, and once again did not allocate enough time for this lovely area. Next time we've got to stay a week or more.

Disc golf at College of the Siskyous with Mt Shasta in the background of course!

Dad and I enjoying a beer at Mt Shasta Brewing.
The seasonal Sour Diesel (cherry) mixed with the Shastafarian Porter was excellent!

Dad and I walking through the forest alongside Lake Siskyou.

We couldn't have asked for a better day on Lake Siskyou.

We happened to time it right for Mt Shasta's summer concert series...held on Sunday evenings with the best backdrop ever!
The Brothers Comatose were so much fun!

On Tuesday we made it to Oregon where we intend to spend the rest of the summer bouncing around the state. First stop: Valley of the Rogue State Park, where we each had spacious full hookup sites.

Though Valley of the Rogue State Park is adjacent to I-5, we had sites that back up to the river and were the most distant from the freeway. The river is a good 40 feet behind us and the freeway noise was not too bad.

We spent two nights allowing us to enjoy a nice hike in Cathedral Hills Park and a delicious pizza at Circle J Cafe in nearby Grants Pass, OR.

Cathedral Hills has 10 miles of trails through oak and madrone forest and rolling hills.

Next up: a couple of weeks in Roseburg, OR visiting my daughter.


  1. Yep, you are correct...that's a beautiful area! How is it that we missed you when we were in San Diego in April? I guess we were both too busy!

  2. Yahoo! Glad to see you're on the road again. Yes, Mt. Shasta is stunning and I love Valley of the Rogue State Park. Welcome to Oregon!

  3. California is a loooong state. Glad you made it out and are on the road again. Great pictures of you and your father. It will be good to see where you go.

  4. Wow! Boy do I miss the mountains! Beautiful photos of Mt Shasta:) Love the photo of Hans with the mountain in the background and that lovely photo of you and your dad in the forest:) So excited to see you back on the road:)

  5. Good to hear you are again on the road and that your dad is along for the ride. Great pictures of Shasta!

  6. Woohoo! I-5 through the Central Valley is a grueling trip, especially this time of year! I've wanted to see what the sites were like at the Rogue River - looks like they're pretty sweet along the river :-) So excited to see you back out here!!

  7. Wahoo! It's great to see you on the road again Lisa and Hans and so happy Lisa's dad could join yiu. You all look great! Looking forward to your Oregon adventures....we haven't explored there yet. Beautiful photos....

  8. Glad your dad could come along on your zoom north. Sure don't blame you for pushing hard to get to cool. Seems it is sweltering in about 90% of the country this year. Really terrific picture of you and your dad, a very artistic shot. Those mountains definitely look cool in more ways than one.

  9. Looks like you're having a great time so far! Enjoy your time in Oregon.

  10. How great that you're out and about again! And having your dad along must be pretty special :-) I'm glad that Hans got a few photos of you and him together. Enjoy your visit with your daughter!

  11. So happy to hear that you're back on the road!! Looks like you guys are off to a great start! We've spent many wonderful hot summer days kayaking and swimming in Lake Siskiyou. Lovely photos of you and your dad on the trails and having a brew together. :-)

  12. Wohhoo, glad to see you on the road again for as you know we copy where you stay and so far you were on spot with your reviews.
    If you will still be there in fall we might catch up or cross paths with you.

  13. So glad you are mobile again and you sound SO HAPPY! How wonderful your Dad is able to join you as well - time well spent!