Friday, October 5, 2018

Postcards from Prescott

We've been in Prescott for over three weeks now. We're grateful summer seems to be over and the daytime temps are now in the 60's, making our daily hikes really pleasant. Hurricane Rosa came through and drowned some parts of AZ but Prescott only got enough rain to keep the dust down for a little while.

We remain in a holding pattern on the house search, waiting for something interesting to come on the market. We've discovered that it's pretty easy to find a good sized lot and home, at a good price, with excellent RV parking out in Chino Valley, about 10 - 15 miles north of Prescott...we just don't know if we want to be in Chino.

Here's a look at some of what we've seen and done in the past week or so...

We love having access to the granite fields of Watson Lake right from our RV park (Point of Rocks RV).
We goof around on the boulders every single day!

I'd seen plants that look like wild grapes on every hike near water
and finally found proof that's what I was seeing!

We've been listening to cicadas ever since we arrived in Prescott.
They are usually high in the tops of the trees, I finally got a good look at one!

They sure are noisy, but we've gotten used to the sound.

Morning warm up.

Another morning sun bather.

Reflections on Watson Lake.
They are having a pretty serious algae bloom right now.

We hiked some of the new Storm Trails on Hans' birthday.
Here's a terrific resting spot on the Easter Island trail.

Boulder Creek still had some monsoonal moisture in the rocky sections.

If this Black Tailed rattlesnake had not warned us of its presence we'd never have seen it in the brush off trail.

Once we'd located the snake we were able to spend several minutes admiring it from afar.

Beautiful colors.

Hans had a tasty birthday dinner at the Barley Hound.
The free birthday bread pudding was incredible!

Fabulous fins on the Constellation trails.

Snake on a big old oak tree.

There are thousands of Acorn Woodpeckers in this area so I was surprised to see a Red-naped Sapsucker.

My dad stopped by for a few nights on his way home from his summer in Alaska!

That's the latest from Prescott!


  1. Beautiful morning reflections on Watson Lake. It's obvious from your photos why the place calls to the visitor. Good look on finding your ideal home base in Prescott!

  2. Thanks Jeff! There are a lot of positives here...we'll see what happens!

  3. I love those spectacular rocks in the Granite Dells. Boy, the lake looks so low but then it is end of the dry summer season. That's two too many snakes for me. Fingers crossed that something pops up soon in the housing market. With 60's in the days already, you'll be wearing winter clothes for many months while hiking. Happy Birthday to Hans!!!

    1. Nah, the lake isn't super low, just average end-of-summer low.

      We'll be moving down to Cottonwood in a week or sense in freezing in the RV in Prescott!

  4. Be patient on the house search...
    I think Chino Valley beats Prescott Valley, though :) It might be quieter out there, too!

  5. Love the trio of lizards on the rock! I continue to be jealous of the cooler temps in the west - and those lovely blue skies. Fun to have a playground right out your door. More houses will come on the market just as soon as you head south :-)))

    1. Of course there will be more houses once we's Murphy's Law!!! Fortunately we can move slowly south over time: Cottonwood first, then Phoenix area, so we'll still be a reasonable distance away if anything new pops up.

  6. Wow lots of wildlife, love them all except the rattler. I think its not your time yet, but it will come when you least expect and the good news is you will be ready for it. Good Luck!

  7. Beautiful postcards Lisa! I so love that area!

  8. Such a beautiful landscape! I can understand why you would like to have it as your backyard. :-) I look forward to getting a post announcing that you've found your perfect home! Meanwhile, it seems that you're doing a great job of enjoying every day and appreciating the beauty and wonder around you.

  9. The landscape is so lovely in Prescott. Hope you find that perfect house soon.

  10. Lovely pictures. The pictures of the Black-tailed Rattler were especially interesting, never having seen one.

  11. We have come to really enjoy our summers in Prescott Valley. Our former neighbors are building a house off Coyote Springs Road (then east on Pronghorn). Lots are 2+ acres and offer amazing views. We haven't decided where we'll put down routes, but we have decided it'll be AZ. Good luck with the continued house hunt.

  12. Beautiful. I just love the Prescott area. We have friends in Chino too. Can’t wait to see who you end up.

  13. Love that photo of you pushing the boulder! (ha, ha!) Fingers crossed you'll find the perfect home real soon. Happy B-day to Hans!