Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cedar Breaks National Monument

We've transitioned to Cedar City, UT just ahead of some cold and wind.

You don't see this number very often...not that we travel at that speed hauling the trailer  ;-)
Notice the big truck flying past us!

Last weekend a storm dumped rain across the entire NW leaving snow on any mountain at about 9,000 feet or higher. Today we got to enjoy it at Cedar Breaks National Monument, where they got about 10 inches.

All Monument services are closed for the season, but the road is open until the snows take over sometime next month. We hiked half of the two mile Ramparts Trail which overlooks the main amphitheater...the trail was just too dangerous given the snow and ice to complete the whole thing. We also hiked the two mile Alpine Pond Trail. This was gorgeous in the snow and had less than 100 feet of altitude change...considering we started the trail at 10,460 feet that was a really good thing!

It was sunny, cold (37 degrees) and windy when we first arrived but the wind died down and it was a comfortable 44 degrees for hiking as the day wore on. Our little point and shoot camera simply can't do justice to the amazing, expansive views we witnessed.

Spectra Point at Cedar Breaks. South facing mountains are clear of snow.

Spectra Point...North facing mountains are vibrant with sun lighting up the new snow.

The angles and shadows were mesmerizing!

The Ramparts trail from the Visitor Center was slippery in places...with a scary drop to the West!

Alpine Pond

Alpine Pond, the water was crystal clear.


Following deer tracks through the snow!


  1. Most "full timers" travel South when it gets cold!
    Have fun!

    Travel safe!