Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yuba State Park

Yuba State Park is an oasis in the high desert and we are staying at the Oasis Campground. It is mostly frequented by boaters and ATV riders, but is lightly used in the fall making it a perfect, peaceful stopover as we headed South from Salt Lake City.

We've hiked and biked the ATV trails on the small hills around the campground and found this area to be bursting with wildlife (at least it is during this quiet time of year). We've surprised dozens of pheasants and cottontails and jack rabbits and even a family of deer from their daytime hiding place. The fishing must be amazing here as we see fish jumping all day long.

We took a loop drive around the lake and checked out the other developed campground in this State Park: Painted Rocks. This campground is a bit different from our current campground in that it can accommodate more large rigs, the trees are young and small, no grass, more sites with amazing waterfront views, more exposed to the wind. It offers electric and water at all sites, with a dump station at the entrance.

Snow capped Mt Nebo overlooks Yuba Lake.

Oasis Campground in the trees next to the lake, the snow-capped
Manti La Salle mountains in the distance. We are camped on the NW side
of Yuba Lake State Park.

You never know what you'll see while out hiking!

Some of the water view sites at Painted Rocks campground, on the SE side
of Yuba Lake State Park.

Old on the left, new on the right. My new bike seat has made riding a pleasure.
It's a Serfas Gel saddle; adding comfort where needed and removing pressure
where it was uncomfortable before. Ride on!

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