Saturday, December 29, 2012

Playing Tourist in our Former Home Town

We've been visiting our old favorite places near the beaches and bays and kind of playing tourist around San Diego. Some random shots from the past few days...

My favorite RV decoration in our campground
At the Big Bay Balloon parade 

Woody  seems to be on a collision course with the street!

Late afternoon under Crystal Pier

Sunset from Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach

Fabulous blooming yucca at Cabrillo National Monument
I'd love to visit this every day for a time lapse of the bloom!
Taken from the bay trail at Cabrillo Monument, a tall ship passes downtown San Diego.
Tidepooling at Sunset Cliffs
Sweet Rosie finds the sunny spots in the RV while we are out on the town..


  1. I think I would like your hometown. The worst thing people say about it is that it's expensive. Any boondocking out there? :D

    1. For a big city it's pretty darn nice...but yes, very expensive, not to mention the 3 million people in the county.

      The nearest boondocking that I know of is well outside the county in Borrego Springs...good boondocking though per WheelingIt.

    2. Right! Somehow I forgot that place, where the worst thing people say about it is...nothing!

  2. Nice photos guys! Can I steal the sunset photo to post?

  3. Great photos, especially the shot of Rosie! I miss tide-pooling... sounds like you fun :)


  4. Believe me, the tidepooling up your way is much better! I can't wait to do a summer on OR/WA coast! Love you!