Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winding down our stay in Santee Lakes

It's been wonderful to stay a whole month in one place. We've been busy little socialites since San Diego is our former home town. Lots of visits with family and friends...and we're only halfway through our stay in this city.

It's been a lot of fun showing our new home to family and friends. I think that folks who may have been skeptical about our lifestyle change have seen how comfortable and happy we are and can now understand what the draw was for us. Having minimal possessions and the ability to travel continuously in the comfort of our own home makes sense for us for now.

We've divided our stay in the San Diego metro area between two distinctly different parks. Santee Lakes (review pending, but we loved it!) is in the Eastern (inland) part of the city, situated on several lakes of reclaimed water, amidst rolling hills, in a very lovely setting. Next we move to the waterfront at Mission Bay RV Resort for a month.

Best of all during our stay here we've met several folks that we know we'll see again further down the road. Blogging has turned out to be an excellent social link for us, allowing instant connection to others living this nomadic lifestyle.

We met John and Pam after reading their comment on someone else's blog that they were in our RV park. We've since gotten together for a couple of hikes and happy hours and we plan on meeting up again in Tucson. Check out their post on our fun day exploring some of San Diego's beach towns. And here's a photo from our exploration of metro San Diego, crossing the Spruce Street suspension bridge:

Spruce St Bridge with John and Pam

We met Dave and Sue via John and Pam at a happy hour and they are also heading to Mission Bay in a few days...where we intend to see another couple we've met in the past. As Nina says in this post, "RVing is so darn social"!

We also met Dan from Denmark who stays at Santee Lakes each winter. We had an instant connection with Dan over a mutual love of music and got together with him on several occasions. We hope to see him here next year.

Though it's time to say Farewell to Santee Lakes for now, I am certain we will return to this beautiful and friendly park.

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