Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Campground Review: Rivers Edge RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA

We spent three nights at Rivers Edge RV Resort in Winterhaven, CA which is just across the border from Yuma, AZ and Los Algodones, Mexico.

This RV park is situated between the Colorado River and busy Interstate 8. There are 480 full hook up back-in sites, several laundry/restroom/shower facilities as well as a pool and hot tubs, pool tables, horseshoes, shuffleboard and a library/book exchange. There is NO wifi, come with your own or do without! We had 3G service through Millenicom and it was slow but steady.

You can hear the freeway, but you get used to it pretty quickly. Train tracks are on the far side of the freeway. Small planes fly overhead occasionally.

Roads are paved, sites are gravel and dirt with a concrete patio and are pretty close to your neighbor. All sites back in to a row of trees. The trees are trimmed nice and high and do provide some excellent shade at various times of the day. All utilities are near the back of the site. We discovered well into set up that our sewer hose was too short and opted to just dump before we left instead of hook back up to move closer.

During set up our surge protector warned us that we had a reverse polarity issue. We confirmed the surge protector was working correctly at another site and learned that other people had stayed in this spot regularly without problems and decided to just go ahead and use the pedestal.

There are many permanent sites in this park. Permanent sites may be single-wides, park models, or even RV's that are obviously not going any where. The permanents are in good shape and have nice patios and paving, and even build-out rooms, etc. for snowbird living. Many folks come here year after year and know each other well.

The river runs along the South edge of the RV park and is bordered by reeds and some trees. Permanent RVers have cleared away sections of the reeds and created river access and sitting areas along the river. These sitting areas seem to be for the use of the individuals who cleared them but it seems okay to hang out in an empty sitting area for a while without anyone getting upset.

We paid $84 for three nights including tax and a Good Sam discount. This is not a fancy park (and we don't care about fancy), but it is pretty friendly. It was a convenient stopover for us to meet up with some RVers we had met previously and to check out the area. The Yuma area has limited things to do for active explorer types like us, so it would be hard for us to stay any longer than a week in this area. We did enjoy the pool and hot tub and time with the friendly folks staying around us.

Looking down the full length of our row towards the river. (The sun is just coming up.)

Our site, #57.

One of the sitting areas along the river.

Heading to happy hour...notice the handy beer pockets...

Happy hour jam session. Fun!
Folks who are settled in for the winter really make themselves at home! 


  1. We like the type of RV park you describe. We're in one now in San Antonio--Carefree Travelers World RV Resort. It's close to lots of attractions--only a few miles from the Riverwalk. Plus it's located on an extension of the Riverwalk which now goes for miles. One of the trail entrances is right at the RV park entrance.

    1. How nice you are right on Riverwalk. That sounds like when we were in Boise and right on the Boise River Greenbelt!

  2. For some reason I didn't realize we were here at the same time!! If you guys are in Q now we'll see ya this afternoon. We're going to boondock at Dome Rock west (nearest the town).

    1. We might have been in Yuma area at the same time, but not any longer! We are now in Casa Grande...a stopover on our way to Tucson for a month. Have fun at Q!!!!

  3. Sounds like a fun evening. We stayed there years ago when our girls were little and all I remember is that we had skunks all over the place.

  4. Wow, this looks like an amazing place to chill out and relax. I'd love to do a family vacation here. Are there any RV parks in Albuquerque like this one?

  5. I been coming to this place years for almost 10 years now and many many times but lately the new administration has treat us unwelcome, i have 2 kids and 2 chihuahuas and they always well behave but i guess some older people cant stand kids, and dont like animal i will never stay there againg they have their little own group and arent very friendly, maybe cause hispanic dont know ..

  6. We just returned from Rivers Edge, stayed there 7 nights. It was great. There is a little store on Winterhaven Drive, about a mile away that is very convenient. Downtown Yuma is about 3 miles away, has 3 Walmarts, but no Costco. It also has a Sams Club.