Friday, January 11, 2013

San Diego is a Really Nice Place to be in January

We've had some cold mornings lately. After she eats breakfast, Rosie heads back to bed...

We really like walking the coast line in La Jolla. Crystal clear water, beautiful white sand and lots of rocks to poke around.

Spectacular colors!

Hot Kohls!
Aloes are in fine form all over San Diego right now

An early morning walk in nearby Rose Canyon:

Walking into the mists...
There is still some color in the coastal canyons.
Crazy stream crossing!

We've been getting all sorts of little projects done around the RV because we have tools available to us (Thanks Dad!). One fun thing is giving our new home some character. RV decor is pretty boring from the factory and you have to be careful about adding too much weight and how you hang anything because you don't really know what is behind the "curtain" so to speak.

Those who know us from our "sticks and bricks" days know we had a thing for tiki-style decor, it has such a fun, exotic vibe! We are slowly bringing in a little funky tiki flair into the RV. Hans found tiki carving artist Buzzy Meeker through the tiki forums and we had a wood plank carving done to cover up some ornamental metal trim that came with the rig:

Today we head to my parents house to assist my mom (the sewing expert) in creating some fun tiki-themed pillows for our recliners.

And so it goes...We've got one last week in San Diego before we head for the desert and new horizons once again. This next week is shaping up to be a blur of get-togethers with family, old friends and new friends.

San Diego really is a great place to be in January!


  1. I'm with Rosie!

    Your picture of the canyon with the mists is lovely.

    1. Thanks Susan! Yes, I've noticed you like to sleep in! Hans and I are early birds...but cats...cats are sleepers!

  2. San Diego is the best, we sure miss our hometown. Enjoy!

    1. It's a pretty darn nice place to be...though I would like to experience more weather and seasons than San Diego has to offer. I am hoping to get a little bit of that on the road!

  3. Rosie is one smart cat! She looks so cute all snuggled in!

    Glad you are getting in some hiking but of course way too early...Haha!

    Love your new plank. Can't wait to see it in person!

    1. The mists just make it look was at least 9am... ;-)