Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catalina State Park is Gorgeous!

We made our big move yesterday a mere 30 miles NE to Catalina State Park. While we enjoyed our stay in SW Tucson right next to Tucson Mountain Park we were ready to have new trails out our door and Catalina provides beauty and trails in spades.

Our camp site is no less than fabulous!

Site B11 is a perimeter site, no one parked behind us, and the view is amazing!

Rosie was a little leary of being in a new place, but she's going to have to get used to that,
we'll be moving pretty regularly over the next month.

There are some pretty huge and amazing looking Saguaro's here:

While taking the short Nature Trail to stretch our legs we were delighted to have a Coopers Hawk swoop into a tree just a few feet in front of us!

The day ended with happy hour with friends and the glow of the setting sun on the mountains behind us.

Life is very, very good!


  1. nice bird shot! Any poppies popping yet?
    Box Canyon Mark

    1. Nope...at least not within a mile of the campground. It's 24 degrees this morning!!!

  2. Great photos! Romero pools is beautiful hike.

  3. You get some awesome pictures!! Love the cat on the leash......grin

  4. I love your pics! The birds, cat, mountain's! We are getting excited about being in AZ soon!

  5. We were at no 13! Memories of beautiful Catalina Sunsets. I love that Coopers Hawk photo. Beautiful. In addition to Romero Pools hike, the 50 year trail is also a good one. Im sure you are having a field day out there. Enjoy your stay.

  6. Wow. These pics are pretty amazing. It looks like a truly beautiful area.