Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wrapping up Our Stay in Tucson

We're nearing the end of our month in Tucson. It's been a great stay, with tons of hiking, a little biking and sightseeing, meeting family we haven't seen in ages, plus making new friends in the RV community.

While I was writing the blog Hans was creating this fabulous scramble...I'm a lucky girl!

Some random Tucson happenings that didn't make it in to other posts...
It rarely snows in Tucson and this former Southern California girl LOVED getting caught in it!
Rosie didn't like it much though!
Our final Tucson hike was shared with friends we met at our first RV park in Boise.
Having a post-hike beer with (from left) Carla, Steve, Don and Joanne, with Lanie in the fur coat.
We hope to see these British Columbians in their home town some day.

While in Tucson we purchased something I'd been coveting for a couple of months: good binoculars! After some research we decided to go with the 2012 Binocular of the Year: Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x42.
For about $260 it came with a good padded strap, a harness, a soft cloth bag, and a semi-hard case.
These bino's work really well with glasses allowing us to wear our prescription specs.

We were able to hike to this crazy many-armed saguaro from our campground.
Curved Bill Thrasher seen on the trails behind our campground.
Checkin' out 4th Ave downtown...

How we feel in this wonderful nomadic lifestyle! FREE!

Monday we move to Catalina State Park for a few days...thus commencing our slow meander, moving every four to seven days, around Southern Arizona. We hope you'll check in as the scenery changes!


  1. I'm envious. I am ready to be gone. However, we're anchored here for a bit longer. Looking forward to seeing new places on your blog.

    1. We were just commenting that we did not bike enough while we were here, time just got away from us. I hope we end up meeting up with you two somewhere in the future and we get some biking in!

  2. What a wonderful stay you had. Great photos!