Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Excellent Boondocking on the Green River

Since leaving Grand Lake, CO we've entered Wyoming and have traveled through a lot of wide open space and rolling sage brush covered land. The first day, right as we entered Wyoming, the skies opened above us in a brief but torrential downpour, complete with some big scary lightening.

We spent the first night in unremarkable Rawlins, WY, at a RV park near the freeway (ear plugs were our friend). In over ten months of full time RVing this was our first one night stand.

The redeeming factor for Rawlins was the lovely nine-hole disc golf course (complete with deer) that we played in the morning before hitting the road. The town was full of deer, probably because it was the only green area to be had for miles around.

Hans keeps a close eye on the deer as he picks up his disc.

The park was a very pretty setting against the rocks. No wonder the deer liked to hang out here!

The destination for our second night in Wyoming was the Warren Bridge BLM site along the Green River, 20 miles North of Pinedale, WY. We had learned about this boondocking site from Deas and Jen...Thanks so much for a most excellent recommendation! Another first was in store for us...after ten months on the road we had yet to boondock in our Montana 5th wheel.

After being spoiled by the green of Colorado for over two months, Wyoming, so far, had been a lot of brown. The Green River valley was a lovely sight for sore eyes. Warren Bridge BLM has two separate camping areas. On the West side of Hwy 191 is a developed dry camping area with picnic tables, BBQ pits, pit toilets, water and a dump station for $10/night. On the East side of the highway are 12 separate riverside camp sites, spread out along nine miles of the river, with picnic tables, BBQ pits and pit toilets (well away from the camp sites), for free.

We arrived on a Tuesday afternoon and discovered the two free sites in Area 1 were empty. We took one of them and had the entire area to ourselves for our one night stay. Area 1 is a very level grassy area. We hiked down to Area 2 and noticed those grassy sites were quite bumpy and would have been a bit of work to get level.

There is a good dirt access road through the BLM area and side roads drop down to each camping Area. Some of the camp sites have a boat launch site...though the water was too low (in my opinion) to put a boat in. We did not check out the sites beyond Area 2, so we cannot vouch for their accessibility.

We had decent 3G Verizon signal at our site using our booster. Without the booster we might have been in a black hole.

This was a fantastic boondockimg site, all three of us loved it! We absolutely would return here.

Camping Area 1, as seen from the main access road. Our rig is the white speck all by itself next to the river.
As you can see, privacy was excellent!

The Green River runs right behind the trailer.
The second site in Area 1 is right beyond our trailer, though each site is huge.

We walked up the river trail to Area 2, which also can accommodate two rigs.
The road in the distance leads to Area 2 sites.

Rosie loved this site too!

Stare down!

Fabulous sunset!

A rainbow greeted us in the morning!


  1. What a great spot! Start boondocking very often and you will find it really hard to stay in an RV park.

  2. Love it! So glad you had a good experience for your first boondock. Looks like a really nice spot.

  3. I'm always interested in learning from full timers and hoping you could share some info with me. If you have time would you send me an email with your main sources of info regarding travel routes, where to stay and things to do, etc ( Thanks much.

  4. Rosie is so cute! Love the photo of her staring down the ground squirrel.

    Looks like you found a wonderful (and free) spot. Good going.

  5. Looks like a great spot. Could there be more boondocking in your future?

  6. Glad it worked out so well for you! Did you see the cows when you were there? We tried to walk down that road, but were greeted by a herd of at least 100 cows that were very nervous about the dogs. I wasn't in the mood to run from a stampede, so we turned around.