Sunday, July 14, 2013

So Long Buena Vista, It's Been a Fun Two Weeks

This evening we relax listening to the patter of rain on our roof and the rumble of thunder in the distance. We've enjoyed staying in Buena Vista, CO at the beginning of monsoon season. We've had a few good downpours and many small showers during our stay; cooling the day down and keeping things fresh and green.

We find we really like this long valley bounded by two very different mountain ranges. We'd definitely stay here again, perhaps just a bit North or South so we'd have a different base to branch out from (though we have enjoyed staying at Mt Princeton RV will be posted tomorrow).

Here's a last few bits and pieces from our forays into the surrounding area...

Great venue for an outdoor concert...the Arkansas River is just out of sight below the band.
It's called The Beach, in Buena Vista's South Main neighborhood.
The band was Potcheen, a fun Celtic Rock band...and it poured on us during the show!

Agnes Vaille Falls

On a day trip to St Elmo we enjoyed walking around a well preserved ghost town.

Seemed like an odd place to dump a couple of neat old stoves.

A short but steep hike near town got us to Harvard Lakes:

Upper Harvard Lake
Lower Harvard Lake

Today we took a day trip to Salida, about 20 miles South of Buena Vista. It's a lovely historic town with the wonderful old buildings of downtown just a block from the river. There was lots of action on the river on this summer Sunday which made us wish we had brought our swim suits!

Love the detail on these old buildings.

The river was crazy busy with a steady flow of rafts, kayaks, stand up paddlers, tubers,
people floating in life vests, swimmers, jumpers and dogs all in the water!
Check out the feet sticking up from the inner tube as the water wins!

Tomorrow night we'll be settled on the Western edge of Rocky Mountain National Park for two whole weeks.


  1. Looking forward to seeing Rocky Mountain Park. It should be spectacular.

  2. Yes, that is definitely an area we want to return to. Enjoy Rocky Mountain NP. We were a bit disappointed, but maybe we were expecting too much.

  3. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time in the water. Yes, too bad you didn't have swim suits.

    Beautiful photo of the reflection in Lower Harvard Lake.

    Have a wonderful time in Rocky Mountain NP. Hope there is still plenty of snow. It will interesting to compare our pictures from the beginning of June to know.