Saturday, April 4, 2015

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

We're happily settled in at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal RV Park for a few nights in Fredericksburg, TX. Just a few miles North of town lies the wonderful mass of pink granite that is Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.

We'd been warned that the park can get crazy busy so we timed our visit for a weekday and arrived shortly after the park opened at 8:30am, also hoping to beat the heat expected that day.

First we hiked to the top of the highest dome under partly cloudy skies with only one other person in sight. (One other person who happened to be carrying a small person on his back!)

Wear your grippy hiking shoes...the rock is steep!
See the guy above Hans? He's got a large toddler on his back! What a workout!

The sun provided quite a show as we climbed.

The father/son combo above us seems to be on the edge of the world.

From the top of the big dome we looked West as a shaft of sunlight slips across the lesser domes
and a bank of clouds covers much of the Hill Country.

Vernal pools pocket the domes, providing brilliant spring growth in every direction.

We head down the Echo Canyon trail between the domes and start seeing fanciful shapes everywhere.

Giant slabs of granite were flaking off the domes, the work of water and wind and time.

Extravagant blossoms!

Leaving the Loop Trail, we took a side path towards the lesser domes for a little boulder exploring.

Dozens of these perfect little cacti dotted the crevices sporting little white flower buds...
I'd love to see what color the blooms turn out to be!

Water collects in the crevices supporting bountiful spring color, all shades of green and pops of brilliant flowers.

Grottoes of ferns formed under shady rock ledges.

Even the lichens were vivid hues.


Enchanted Rock was truly enchanting! Don't miss it if you are in the area, but beware of the crowds of visitors. By the time we left the expansive parking areas were at least half full and this was on a Thursday.


  1. I never saw it look better. Good job Hans & Lisa.

  2. Magnificent scenery! Loved all your photos.

  3. Thanks for the photos. I've read about the park, but didn't have a mental image, and now I do! It's lovely.

  4. loved the light show you got from mother nature...

  5. We loved that park, especially after having spent five months in the flat, rockless Rio Grande Valley. Your photos make me want to go back, if it just wasn't in Texas!

  6. Nice photo of the collared lizard. The spiny crevice lizard fits his name, too.

  7. This is Texas I would enjoy. What very cool formations! I love the circles of green grass growing within the rock surface. Great lizards!! I bet it felt good to be back climbing and hiking:) Super shot of the sun shining through the clouds.

  8. We also enjoyed Enchanted Rock -- your photos are wonderful. We laughed when people warned us about the steep elevation gain -- it's nothing compared to what we're used to hiking! But it's still a lovely hike. :-)

  9. What a gorgeous hike. Such fabulous pictures. I am so happy to see these. This is exactly where we had planned to stay in Fredericksburg to see the Hill country wildflowers. We might have seen you there but it was not to be. Thanks for showing it to me and giving me the information for 'someday' hopefully.

  10. The orange cactus blooms in the rock crevice is so pretty Lisa...along with all,the green.
    Rocks and more rocks, our idea od a perfect day. I agree with Pam, might have to add exploring Texas to the list!
    Beautiful photos as always!

  11. I am enchanted! IF in case we go by TX again, we will surely stop here. Great photos of those cool formations

  12. This area looks so cool. Wish we would have known about this when we were in the hill country. Great photos!

  13. Love your pictures. How pretty. We were there a couple of months ago and I wouldn't have thought it could be prettier. But your pictures are fantastic!