Sunday, April 26, 2015

Photo Challenge - Day One

Jodee from On the Road Abode invited me to participate in a Black and White Photo Challenge.

I don't post black and white photos often so this is a fun opportunity to look at some of my older shots from a different perspective or to take new shots with black and white in mind.

This photo is from our March 2013 stay at the Triangle T Guest Ranch in Dragoon, AZ. The fabulous giant granite boulders of Arizona's Texas Canyon are great fun to explore and make for good black and white subjects too!

The only rules of the challenge are:

1. On five consecutive days create a post using a recent or past photograph in black and white.

2. Invite another blogging friend each day to join in the challenge.

Today I invite Ingrid of Live Laugh RV to take the challenge! A full time RVer, Ingrid, along with her husband Al, have been on the road since June 2013. Ingrid's photos are a feast for the eyes!


  1. Nice challenge...great first day photo!

  2. Incredible photo! Great start to the challenge.

  3. Love the photo. Thank you for nominating me for the challenge and your kind comment on my photos. I'm not sure I'll be able to participate but I'll try. Stay warm!

    1. No's only if one has the time or desire to participate!

  4. Lisa this is a fabulous black and white shot. I love the light behind the bolder. Well done!

  5. Not surprising, you rocked the first one!! :-))

  6. I loved this photo when you first posted it. It makes the perfect B&W photo! Lovely!

  7. Very cool! Love the light illuminating the rock -- it makes a striking B & W photo.