Thursday, October 22, 2015

Corona Arch and More, Moab, UT

Corona Arch is a well known landmark in Moab, UT. It is accessed via a 1.5 mile trail with a short metal ladder and a couple of steel cables for safety thrown in to make it exciting for families. We hiked it on a week day with a chance of scattered showers so we didn't run into too many people, I am sure it can be a mob scene on a typical blue-sky weekend.

As we crossed the railroad tracks on the Corona Arch trail the sun was just right so we could see an arch across the canyon and we wondered if it was our destination. Once we reached Corona and Bow Tie Arches we knew the first arch we had seen was something else entirely!

After enjoying Corona and Bow Tie we went off trail and with a bit of creative rock scrambling and an extra half mile or so of travel we came to the unnamed arch and welcome solitude along with more fantastic views.

Threatening skies add drama to the colorful landscape.
Here, the Colorado River and the Potash railroad tracks curve gracefully through sandstone formations.

Can you see the sun shining through the arch across the way?
That became our off trail destination.

Looking back down Corona Arch trail.

Bow Tie Arch.

Hans stands under the enormous Corona Arch.
Crazy people swing on ropes through this arch...some have misjudged the span and lost their lives!

We traverse the flanks of the sandstone formation, making our way towards the unnamed arch
with spectacular views all around.

Woohoo! Arch found and no one else around!

More off trail scrambling on the way out gave us a different view of Corona Arch.
There are tiny dots of people under the arch.

A very red Colorado River.

A drive further out Potash Rd. brought us to Jug Handle Arch.

Indian art along Potash Rd.
Fortunately these panels were high above the road bed and thus safe from vandals...
other panels along the road were not so fortunate.


  1. I like that hike because it's pretty, and also dog friendly.

  2. I think your unnamed arch is the Pinto Arch. There is suppose to be an arch visible as you hike to the Corona arch but we've never been able to find it. I think you did!! Great job! Isn't the Corona Arch just beautiful! The hike out is fun, as well:) The road where you found the Jug Handle arch is know as Long Canyon. It is one of the best drives through the canyon. Did you take the road? Looks like you are having a great time!

    1. Cool, I could not find a name for that arch! It was a little tricky to get to...but that's what made it extra fun!

      We did not drive out Long Canyon, maybe next time we visit!

  3. Beautiful pictures and I love the trail. We are hoping to hit this area on our way back out of Mexico next spring, so hopefully we can do this trail as well.

  4. The bow tie arch looked like the window rock that Steve saw at the Navajo Tribal Park.
    We will be in Moab in April so we are taking notes of your hiking trails and arches found. Gorgeous red rocks!

  5. My favorite hike is to Corona Arch. We have done it several times in different seasons. Your hike must have been after a rain as the dark colors under Bow tie Arch are so pretty. I photographed it once and it looked like a watercolor painting with beautiful,shades of purples, blues and reds. How neat that you found Pinto Arch ( thanks Pam!) as well. We have seen it, but never tried to get to it...maybe now we will! Sometimes the best lighting is on a cloudy hit the jackpot!

  6. Beautiful hike and arches! We'll have to look for those arches next time we're in Moab. Don't you just love going "off trail" and hiking over the slickrock? I always feel like Spiderwoman. :-)

  7. The colors are amazing even with the threatening skies. Your hikes are wonderful, and I'm enjoying seeing this beautiful area through your eyes.