Friday, November 9, 2012

Hiking the Wet Beaver

Wet Beaver Creek is one of the few year round creeks in the Sedona/Verde Valley area. We hiked Bell Trail which follows within earshot of Wet Beaver Creek through golden grasses, red rocks, gentle inclines with stunning views. We made Bells Crossing our turn around point for a total of 8.5 miles...this is longer than the published mileage but I tend to have faith in the EndoMondo app mileage tracker we use.

This is said to be a very popular hike, but on a Thursday morning in November we had the trail to ourselves until the last mile or so.

Heading up canyon we took a side trail to check out the creek and surprised a couple of white tailed deer.
We heard later that they are generally very elusive and we were lucky to have seen them!

Red Rocks peeking out from the hillsides at the start of the trail. Notice the dark rock layer at the top of the hill,
Indian pueblos were once a part of that layer.

Evidence of the former inhabitants of the area. Keep your eyes peeled for these, they are not easy to find!
This had to have fallen from the top of the hill where the black rock layer is.
About 3 miles in the canyon narrows considerably and the trail climbs gently
up into the red rocks.

Love how the forces of nature have etched this pocket of sandstone!

Just before we dropped down to creek level we noticed how the creek perfectly
bisects these trees.

At Bells Crossing the canyon towers over the creek.
This serene oasis was a good place to relax for a while and be at peace.

On our return we spotted another piece of native art.
I wonder if our next stop, Montezuma Castle, may have been represented here.
It is just a few miles down the road...

Montezuma Castle


  1. And it even has red rocks and rock art... we haven't done that one. Thanks!!!
    Box Canyon Mark, in Zion

  2. Beautiful! We haven't tried that hike yet.

    Roxanne and Annie, in Cottonwood.

  3. You're welcome! We loved the variety on this hike coupled with the relatively gentle hills. Lisa