Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Settling in at Santee Lakes

It's nice to have a month in one place. Santee Lakes has a beautiful RV park, one of the best in San Diego, and we are here at the right time of year...Santee can be very hot in the summer.

Lots of visits happening with family and friends. Plenty of time to relax as well as hiking well known local trails and exploring Santee which we were not too familiar with. Meeting some great people in the park.

We've picked up some things we left in storage because we didn't have room in our old truck to haul it to Oregon for the transition. Hans has spent some time organizing his CD collection while I cooked up some banana bread and biscotti.

Consolidating the CD collection into binders while listening to an amazing variety of music.

Spending the morning creating deliciousness...I love my little kitchen!

Rosie didn't have any projects to tackle...


  1. Hopefully you will review where you are. Several blogs I read talk about this park. One HH owner, on the Nuwa owners site, is staying there for several months. Glad to here Rosie is settling in. She looks very comfortable in the pictures. Emma and Toby say hello and have good holidays.

    1. Hi Bill, I definitely will review this park, we like it a lot. I think it is one of the nicest parks in San Diego, though it can be very warm in the summer. It was packed over Thanksgiving but only half full during the week.

      We met a HH couple, Jim and Patty, who are staying for several months...wonder if that's them? There are several HH here and Montana's too!

      Happy holidays to you and Marilyn too! Hans says hello too!
      Take care, Lisa

  2. Yay Rosie! Bet she's happy to be back with you.