Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Farewell to the Beach...For Now

We've had a very low key week here in San Clemente. Lots of easy beach walks, very little touristy exploring. Today we head into San Diego where we'll spend the next two months. The first month will be inland at Santee Lakes, where it will be nice to get away from the noise of the freeway. Here, at San Clemente State Beach, we've been serenaded by Interstate 5 for seven nights...fortunately when you walk down to the beach you can replace the freeway noise with the sound of the ocean!

Here are some scenes from our last few days at the beach:

Another stranded sea lion? It watches Hans warily...

Looks pretty healthy to me...but I'm no expert.

Uh oh...Pacific Marine Mammal Rescuers need rescuing!
They were here checking on that sea lion (who did not want to be saved) and got stuck!

We helped them dig the truck out.

The "Western White House" has a beautiful beachfront location; Nixon owned this home during his term in office.

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant.


  1. Lisa your photos are just amazing! Good job on the sunsets. We're going out later to look for water running in the washes. It's been raining.

  2. You two are becoming quite the rescue team!

    Love the sunset reflection photos!

    Enjoy Santee:)

  3. Those last two shots are stunning and that bird is interesting. Not sure I've ever seen one like him. Interested to hear how the weather will be San Diego. Safe travels.

  4. nice pics! So you've gone from rescuing sea lions to rescuing sea lion rescuers !!

  5. Lovely photos from a rescue team! Love that pic of the sea lion watching Hans.
    I hate those highway noise.
    I hope that storm won't reach you in SD.