Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Campground Review: Oceano County Campground, Oceano, CA

Located near the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area, Oceano County Campground is a reasonably priced full hookup campground about two blocks from the beach. There is a day use park right across the street with a pretty lagoon for excellent bird watching.

There is an old wooden bridge on the road right outside the park. Every time a vehicle drives over it it makes a loud racket...kind of like two seconds of thunder. We got used to it after the first day, but were glad the roads were pretty quiet at night so we weren't woken up by this "thunder". Other than that, it was very quiet at night.

There are 22 full hookup sites, each with a picnic table and fire pit. Roads and sites are paved. Roads are narrow and there are railroad ties bordering the planted areas as well as short posts to number each site. Getting our 36 foot rig into site #12 was very difficult! That said, once parked, we felt we had good site separation and reasonable privacy for our sitting area due to the angle of the sites. The surface throughout the campground is a mix of dirt and small bark, we were glad we had a patio mat to avoid tracking the dirt in the RV.

Amenities include restrooms and fee showers ($1 for 3 minutes) and a playground. Since this is a county park and open to the public the showers are locked at 6pm each night to keep outsiders from coming in and using them. We had decent, but kind of slow, 4G Verizon signal.

The park backs up to a small airstrip and we enjoyed seeing small aircraft coming and going occasionally, mostly on the weekend.

There are many camping options in the area. At $35/night for full hookups this was a very good bargain. It seems to be a relatively unknown park and was never completely full during our week long stay.

Pros: Great price for full hookups near the beach, short walk to the beach, much quieter than other parks closer to Hwy 1, great bird watching. Cons: Tight access for larger RV's, the dirt/bark surface was a bit annoying, the wooden bridge noise was a bit annoying.

This was a decent place to stay for the reasons listed above but I don't know if we'd return since there are other places to explore along the central coast and we did everything we wanted to do while in this area.

We were in site 12. Those short posts and railroad ties can be a problem when backing in to your site.

Since our neighbors site was angled forward from ours we had a realtively private sitting area.

The bird watching lagoon across the street.


  1. Thanks for your posts. We are hoping to buy fifth wheel this next year. Would you be willing to answer some questions about your new lifesyle by email?

    1. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Email is in the contact box on the right. Looking forward to hearing from you!