Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beautiful Soldier Pass Loop in Sedona

Amazing trails are commonplace in Sedona and the loop we chose today was no exception. Located at the North end of town, access is easy, yet parking is limited. Luckily, though the blocks right outside the trail head were marked "no parking" just a couple blocks away there were no restrictions...and the vehicle was still there when we were done!

We hiked the following trails: Soldier Pass, to Brins Mesa, to Cibola Pass, to Jordan Trail. We added on about a mile while on Brins Mesa taking a side path to the edge of the was a worthwhile addition.

We were joined today by Butch and Carol, fellow RVers whom we first met briefly in Wilcox, AZ last year about this time and again at Roper Lake. These two active Utahans spend at least half the year on the road so the chances of meeting up again are very good. We love meeting fellow hikers on the road!

Today was the first time I forgot my camera so all photos were taken on my Android phone. It has its limitations but did a decent job overall. I'll let the photos take you there...

7 Pools; this was the only place on the trail where we encountered jeep tours.

On Brins Mesa it's worth it to take the trails along the East rim.

Abstract female tree?

At the end of the Brins Mesa edge trail we rounded these cool oozy looking rocks...

We were treated to some wonderful spires at the edge of the Mesa.

Happy hikers: Hans, Lisa, Butch and Carol.

One wild Manzanita!

We love Sedona!


  1. This sure s a gorgeous area. We didn't do this hike. but don't worry! I have added it my Sedona board on Pinterest. It was worth the extra mile for that view. Like I said on FB, it sure looks like Byrce Canyon with the spires.

    You found some interesting trees.

    1. Yes indeed, you would love this hike! Just whetting your appetite...

    2. I am having a blast living through you two right now!! Keep on climbing:)

  2. hank for the post! Soldier's Pass is one of my favorite trails in Sedona. The pictures do it justice. Did you see the Devils Kitchen sink hole on your way to the 7 Sacred Pools? Be sure to do the Schnebly Hill road (road is quite rough) for highly scenic views. You can take it all the way to I-17 and circle back via Hwy 179 through the Village of Oak Creek.

    1. Yes we saw the sinkhole but I just couldn't capture it in photos (plus at that early stage of the trail I was just getting the camera phone figured out!).

      Thanks for the tip in the drive!

  3. Always think of rocks at Sedona, but I'll be keeping my eye out for cool trees next time! Love the abstract gal! The pics are lovely - thank goodness we always have our "phones" on us :-).

    1. Yes, having the backup "camera" saved my butt! Too bad the zoom feature is less than adequate.