Thursday, August 16, 2012

Escaping the heat

It's been warming up in the Roseburg/Myrtle Creek area this past week so we have taken full advantage of our wide open schedule and headed for the coast for a couple of nights. We are currently in Bandon, a lovely little beach town on the Southern coast of Oregon.

Expecting temps to be around 75 degrees, we were greeted instead with temps in the high 50's. Quite a difference in 85 miles and we barely packed enough warm clothes! Still, this is more enjoyable than 100 degrees!

Yesterday we checked out Bullards Beach State Park for future reference as a good place to camp, along with the Coquille River lighthouse, which is no longer in service.

We also headed South to Cape Blanco State Park where Nina and Paul of the blog Wheeling It are currently volunteering as lighthouse hosts. We took a tour of the Cape Blanco lighthouse which is still in operation today and was shrouded in fog.

View of the fresnel lens
Afterwards we had a nice chat with Nina and Paul at their RV where I got a cat-fix with their friendly and oh-so-happy to be outside cat, Taggart. For Hans and I anticipating a life on wheels, it's great to be able to talk to a couple who has been living and enjoying this lifestyle for 3 years.

Now the fog had lifted so we headed back to the cliffs near the lighthouse and hiked down to the beach where we got a great view of the jagged rocks that dot the coast here, making the lighthouse a necessity.

Thanks for reading!


  1. What a surprise to get to a MUCH cooler location, and yes, 57 degrees is better than being in 100 degree temps. Lovely area it seems . . .
    It has been hot here in SD, but yesterday and today are more forgiving. It's now down to about between 74 and 78 with overcast in the morning. Heat will be coming back with more humidity so the A/C has been getting a bit of a workout, as is the whole-house fan. But, it's still better here than in a lot of the country.

    1. Hi Mary, Yeah Martine said it was 104 at his house in La Mesa glad you aren't further inland!

      Boy this vacation-like traveling is fattening! We eat out every meal and don't make the same healthy choices we would make when cooking in. Can't wait to get the RV and cook in most of the time! It's been good staying at Chantal and James, because we've been eating in.

  2. It was GREAT to meet you guys here. Looking forward to following your journey on the road!