Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Portland House Sitting

We've moved North and are now house/pet sitting in a lovely neighborhood in SW Portland. We are taking full advantage of big city amenities such as finding interesting music venues, the huge variety of food options, hitting up stores that carry things we'll need on the road, and excellent urban walking in this lush, green city.

We've got some furry friends to look after...this is Rosa, a 9 year old long-haired chihuahua:

And this is Bezzaf and Shwiya, they are 10 year old Maine Coone's and are brothers (litter mates) believe it or not:

Bezzaf is a BIG boy...at least 20 lbs!

Shwiya is svelte in comparison
Portland weather has been awesome so far, we've come at the best time of year...they haven't had rain in over 35 days!

Stay tuned for more adventures...


  1. We miss you! Love seeing the pics of your journey!

  2. Miss you too! I can't believe you have a blog. Looks like FaceBook was an internet catalyst for you!!! :-)

  3. Lisa & Hans
    We are friends of Bill Cortez and have just set out on a three month trip in our fairly new RV.Left San Diego heading North; in Or. at the moment. Far destination, New York. Enjoy your journey!
    John & Lynn Gleason

    1. Hi John & Lynn, Too bad we are not still in OR! I hope we see you on the road some day!