Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Frisbee Golf at Whistlers Bend in Roseburg Oregon

Lisa and Hans decided to check out one of the Frisbee/Disc golf courses near Roseburg Oregon.  We had seen the course in town, but we heard there was a really beautiful course about 12 miles east of Roseburg, near Glide, so we decided to check it out.  We took the back roads and had a nice drive through the rolling hills, crossing streams and seeing several deer and turkey.  We made it to the course by 9:00 am for 18 holes or baskets of disc golf.    We arrived at the parking area and met a couple from Salem who spent the night at the campground that is in the park, just to play disc golf.  Whistlers Bend Park follows the contours of the North Umpqua river and has nice views of the countryside and in the middle of the park is this really nice Disc Golf Course that is ranked  #12 in the nation and it is Free! Can't beat that!

Hole # 9, better not throw it too far or
you will end up down the cliff and into the river!
 I hit a tree with my putter and it literally exploded.
 Oh well!  I bought a new one in Roseburg after we finished.
 I had this putter for like 18 years, so the plastic must have gotten brittle.

Hans surveying the long 600+ ft hole #14 with a 100+ foot drop off.  This will take some skill!

And off it goes..... uh oh it is curving to the left...OK... I see it!
Still not too bad!  At least I avoided the poison oak down the hill. 

Lisa's final putt on hole #18.   It was a beautiful course!  We even saw a large owl on hole #2 and a deer on hole #16. 

Then we had lunch a few miles to the east in Glide and took North Bank Road back to the Roseburg area.   We passed many houses that were built with gorgeous river views.   Temp today about 65 degrees when we started and 75 when we finished... Pretty darn perfect way to spend a day!

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