Friday, August 10, 2012

We are Oregonians!

Wednesday we took our time leaving Berkeley. We took a walk before hitting the road and actually ran in to someone we know: Danny Snyder of Meshugga Beach Party and Tomorrow Men and Frankie and the Poolboys fame.

Happily we would get through the flat farmland halfway through the day's travel and into the mountains:

First look at Mt Shasta

Black Butte
We arrived at our new home address in Myrtle Creek, OR at 5:30pm grateful to be done with the long drive. Here is the view out our front door:

Chantal & James view out the front door

Thursday we started the process of becoming Oregonians knowing that it could take 60 days (according to the DMV website). The key items to be accomplished towards that goal were bank account, voter registration and DMV. One of the options for proving residency was to bring along an Oregon resident with whom you are living to vouch for your intent to stay in OR. Chantal (my daughter) met us at DMV on her lunch break to do just that. Within an hour we had taken and passed the drivers knowledge test, gotten our temporary licenses, and transferred the truck registration...we are officially Oregonians!

Next up: spend a couple of weeks with the "kids", helping them with house projects, then head to Portland for back-to-back housesitting gigs.

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