Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Hour River Cruise

We've done a lot of walking around Portland in the last week and decided it would be fun to see it from a different perspective...the river. Portland Spirit offers a variety of daily cruises on the rivers that flow through the city. We chose the Friday Early Escape Concert Cruise. It's a two-hour cruise up the Willamette, departing from downtown Portland.

Ready to go cruising!
We were entertained by The Strange Tones, who bill themselves as a "Crime-a'billy" band. They were thoroughly enjoyable with a bluesey sound and some surf influence, and Hans traded a Sand Devils CD for a Strange Tones CD.

It was a gorgeous afternoon with temps in the high 70's, sunny skies, a light breeze, and lovely views of the city, the river, the bridges and lush green hillsides.

Heading North towards downtown Portland

House boats on the Willamette
A fun way to spend a Friday afternoon!


  1. Did you ever try the Veritable Quandary after your cruise?

    1. It sure was a lovely looking restaurant, but no, we were not able to go there for a meal. We ended up parking our big truck in the Chevy dealers lot across the river during the cruise and we needed to pick it up right afterwards so we couldn't linger.

      Thanks for the tip though! Perhaps on another visit to Portland...