Friday, September 14, 2012

Settling In

The busy days continue and our home is really coming together into a very cozy, efficient, comfortable living space.

We've been really fortunate to meet our neighbors, Bill and Marilyn Theis, who caught our attention when they arrived in a NuWa of our favorite choices during the research period. We had fun giving and getting tours and talking to seasoned RVers.

Having purged most of our belongings when we left San Diego anticipating a completely fresh start, we have been shopping for the many little bits and pieces that make this minimal, mobile lifestyle comfortable. After each shopping foray we spend several hours installing and tweaking and's awesome!!

Thursday we finally hooked up our sewer and learned that necessary job, with excellent supervision and advice from neighbor Bill who has been a perfect mentor for us newbies.

Friday we got practice towing the trailer once again. We had to take it to a hitch shop to get a real bumper and receiver hitch installed on the back to carry our mountain bikes instead of the rinky dink bumper/hitch assembly that came with the Montana.

We successfully navigated the departure/hitching up process, and driving and unhitching again and left the trailer at the hitch shop. We made another trip to our RV dealer to pick up DMV paperwork and purchase more supplies (of course). Then off to the DMV just over the border in Ontario, OR where we were able to collect our new trailer license plate.

A little more shopping (thank goodness that's pretty much done with, neither of us is big on shopping) then we picked up the trailer and made it back to the campground and got set up with no problems at all!!!!!! (Knock on wood.)

We had dinner with Bill and Marilyn at Pizzalchik, a restaurant that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, just down the street from our campground, and wished them safe travels as they head off tomorrow.

Dinner with Bill and Marilyn
Tomorrow we actually get to relax and play! We've paid for another week at this RV park so we can now start exploring Boise. One of our intentions with this lifestyle is to take it slow and dig in to each area we stay in when the situation allows.

We are very happy with our cozy home, life is very, very good.

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  1. I knew you would become pros in no time! Sounds like fun - of course I'm envious.