Sunday, June 30, 2013

Exploring Lovely Back Country in the Fossil Ridge Wilderness

Our last full day of exploration around Gunnison, CO took us East of town, into the Fossil Ridge Wilderness.    This small wilderness area located within Gunnison National Forest is accessed through the very small hamlet  of Ohio City, a former gold and silver mine town that is little more than a few homes these days. From Ohio City we headed West on Gold Creek Road, passing ancient cabins and mine ruins, to access the Mill Lake Trail. This 5 mile out and back trail took us up through pine and fir forest to pretty little Mill Lake at 11,500 ft.

It had rained here yesterday so the trail was clean and sparkling fresh, with none of the dust that we encountered on trails the day before. Rain was again predicted for the afternoon and we watched the clouds building and moving while we hiked. Streams were plentiful, large and small, sometimes overtaking the trail as the path of least resistance.

My favorite little crowns! Columbine.
Here, the stream took over the trail.
We picked our way through admiring the lush mosses along the way.

Mill Lake...another pretty alpine lake.
Colorado seems to be full of these lovely gems!

Pika hiding in the rocks! Check out that ear!

Cute little bugger!

In an old avalanche zone, this particular young tree was notable for its burgundy cones.


On the drive back to Ohio City we stopped to check out the old buildings along the way.

Peeking in the windows of this one, it looked like it is still in use.

An old mine mill perhaps?

Tomorrow we move on to Buena Vista, CO where we will settle in for two whole weeks. More adventures to come!


  1. Great shots again. if you get a chance I'd appreciate your thoughts on my post for today.

  2. Wonderful final hike! There truly are a ton of hidden lakes in CO. You found another little gem:)

    I just love the columbines. I can believe how many colors there are.

    The pikes certainly have huge ears. They are so cute!

    I guess I've never seen young pine cones?! Because I was so surprised the first time I saw the burgundy ones. Boy, they are so pretty!