Monday, June 10, 2013

Out and About in Durango

Durango sure is pretty in the spring, though pretty hot right now with daytime temps hitting 90. We are loving being in a town where everyone loves being outdoors and active.

View of Durango from Ft Lewis College overlook.

Lots of rafters on the Animas River every day.

Kayakers practice in a rapids section of the Animas River
Feeding the fish at the hatchery.

We hiked the Falls Creek trails which are just over the hill to the West of our RV park.

Falls Creek is a lush green valley surrounded by hillsides spiked with sandstone outcroppings.

Even our truck is happy in a gorgeous setting like this!

We've been awestruck by the beauty around us, spring is an amazing time to be in Durango.

Yeah, I could live in a setting like this, but then there's the winters...

Hiking on lupine lined trails.

We played disc golf at the Colorado Timberline Academy; the public is allowed to play on Sundays only. The course is pretty rustic but has new baskets and three of the holes are right along the Animas River.

We're really enjoying our stay at Alpen Rose RV Park, where we've met Steve and Kathy, a couple who are camp hosting here for the summer, something we may do after a couple of years on the road. Last night Steve and Kathy and Jennifer and Deas joined us for a potluck.

Rosie enjoyed hanging out with all of us after dinner and got all excited and raced up the tree!


  1. Rosie climbing up that tree cracked me up! She is a funny little cat. Fun times again last night!

  2. Love that pic of Rosie in the tree! Our kittens have tried climbing trees a couple times but fell back down so they lost interest. They are happier chasing grasshoppers.
    You're right about Durango. Seemed like EVERYONE was doing outdoor activities. We found Boulder to be very similar. Of course, CO is so beautiful, you just want to be outside doing something.

  3. It certainly is different out West than here on the East. Rain and Thunderstorms sometimes ruins our day.

  4. Glad you are finding so many activities to keep you busy. Staying a longer time in one place allows you to really get the true flavor of the area. Potluck dinner with new friends sounds like fun. Love Rosie up the tree!!

  5. Thank you for having us over for dinner. It has been great hanging with you all of you.

    1. It's been so fun meeting you two! And I've corrected the spelling of your name!