Monday, June 24, 2013

RVers Meet Up, Family Style

My parents, Ron and Phyllis McGuire, bought their first RV when I was 11 years old. The trips we took as a family (my sister included) around the US and to Alaska was a big influence in my personal desire to continue RVing as an adult. My parents have had an RV ever since, and currently travel part time in a 5th wheel trailer. Their experiences living and traveling on the road for as long as two years straight were helpful in Hans and my decision to live this full time RV lifestyle.

In a continuation of a trip that started with my nieces graduation from nursing school in Fresno (Congratulations Crystal!), then stops at my daughters, Aunts and Uncles houses in Oregon, my parents met up with us in Ouray for a few days.

We've managed to take in a number of sights in and around Ouray together during their stay. Here are some of the highlights:

We checked out the Ouray County Museum. This is an excellent museum with tons of history and artifacts from the area. My pictures of some of the exhibits did not turn out so well so you'll have to take my word that it was worth the price of admission!

Don't want to get on his bad side!

One day we took a drive South on Hwy 550 to check out some of the mining relics.

First stop was to check out Bear Creek Falls where we managed to get a group photo.

Then we made our way to the Idarado Mine remains:

Old, abandoned buildings dot these hillsides, backed by snow touched peaks.
Backed by Red Mountain, you can see old buildings still standing among the tailings.

An old nowhere.

Heading up Camp Bird road, the road got a little more interesting:

Atlas Mill

Tail gate lunch!
Heading back to Ouray we stopped to check out Snefflels Creek.

Today we took a tour of the fully restored Beaumont Hotel. Built in 1886, the hotel had been vacant for 30 years and fallen into almost hopeless disrepair when it was purchased in 1998 and millions of dollars were spent over 5 years to bring it to its current glory. And glorious it is! The details of the renovation and the history of the building that we learned on the tour were well worth the small fee. Plus, we enjoyed a delicious lunch on the hotels lovely patio and received a reduced rate for the tour.

Historic Beaumont Hotel
Lunch at the Beaumont Grill.
All three stories open onto the lobby with an atrium overhead.

The Dragonfly room, with Tiffany lamp.

Looking down into the lobby.

Today's bonus shot...I finally caught a good photo of one of the beautiful butterflies we've been seeing everywhere!

Mom and dad head out to Fruita tomorrow and will slowly make their way back to San Diego. It's been fun hanging out with them out here in new territory! Hans and I have a couple more days left in Ouray, then we're off to Gunnison as we continue our summer in Colorado.


  1. What a great time you are all having. Beautiful photos and stories to match. Thanks for sharing your travels with us, the wannabe RV travelers. You are an inspiration!

  2. What a great opportunity to be on the road with your mom and dad. The Beaumont Hotel looks amazing and seemed like a perfect place to enjoy lunch together (so did the tailgate!).

    I can appreciate the joy of capturing such a great shot of the butterfly on the phlox. It's a thrilling feeling when they stay still long enough. I think it is an Anise Swallowtail.

  3. It's great that you are continuing the family tradition and that you can go RVing with your folks. Looks like you had some good times and interesting travels but a shame that the mining junk is still littering the landscape.

  4. Glad you got up Camp Bird road...I love that notch in the road. See you in a couple hours for our last you prefer a casual lake hike, or a grunt hike to far views? :)
    You had good mentors for parents!
    Box Canyon Mark

    1. Depends how grunty it is! Going up Sutton Trail yesterday was quite steep...but then again we know we won't be getting too much exercise for a few days. How about no harder than Ice Lakes trail was????

  5. Glad you had a wonderful time with your parents. Probably brought back lots of childhood memories:)

    The hotel is beautiful. Looks like a nice lunch spot.

    Outstanding butterfly photo!! I can't believe how many butterflies there are. The fields were covered on the Konza Prairie. They were loving the fields covered in wildflowers. They ran into us many times.

    Happy hiking wirh Mark!!!

  6. Great that you had time RVing with your parents. Beautiful in Ouray! We'll be in Estes Park this weekend for a family reunion. Looking forward to reading about Gunnison. We have a membership at Western Horizons out there.

  7. The picture with the abandoned is postcard perfect and love the butterfly, Glad that you had a good time with your parents.